Purple zombie smoke
February 26, 2013

purplezombieD: Guess what I played on the Wii today?

Me: I don’t know, what?

D: Zombie Tag! There were zombies behind the gravestones and they were REAL dead people there. You didn’t see them at the start – we saw three hands come up (because there was three of us) and the hands pulled zombies out and we had to run away from them. And guess what? The zombies fart and purple smoke comes out!  If you go near the purple smoke, you get tagged and turn into a zombie. I got turned into a zombie. You have to run REALLY fast so you don’t get tagged. And the only person left is the winner. I didn’t win – I tried running but I got stuck at the fence. I was just about to go the other way, but the zombie tagged me – he farted and I smelt it.

Bigfoot zombie
November 2, 2012

Bigfoot Zombie – Oct 2012

D: It’s a Halloween zombie – but I forgot to do a ‘down’ mouth.

Sleepwalking into danger
August 22, 2012

D: What’s sleepwalking?
Me: When people walk when they’re asleep.
D: Is it for real – are there people sleepwalking in this world?
Me: Yes, most just do things like get out of bed and walk around to the other side, but some do go out of the door and for a walk.
D: Do they walk like this – like zombies? [Does an impression of a zombie with arms held out in front of him]
Me: That’s how people draw pictures of people sleepwalking, but they don’t really have their arms out in front of them.
D: Yeah – I saw Bananas in Pyjamas where Morgan went to the bananas’ house and ate up all their fruit – and he had his arms out like that.
Me:  Maybe sleepwalkers SHOULD hold their arms out, because they can’t see very well. It can be a bit dangerous going for a walk when you’re asleep.
D: Yes, because you might bump into things, and you might go to the zoo, and all the animals might jump out of their pens and eat you.
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