Bad and unkind
May 1, 2013


Red Riding Hood: The wolf is bad and unkind.

Bottle feeding essentials
November 29, 2012

Bottle Feeding Baby – Nov 2012

D: It’s a baby cat holding its bottle.
Me: Why have you written “woof”?
D: Oh. I got something wrong – the pointy up ears, four legs and no arms. I meant to draw a baby human…

The Lamb who Came for Dinner
November 28, 2012

The Lamb who Came for Dinner – Nov 2012

D: Once upon a time there lived an old wolf. One day a happy little lamb knocked on the door, the wolf ate the…

Arctic Wolf – alive but legless
November 27, 2012

Arctic Wolf – Nov 2012

D: It’s a wolf.

Me: Is it alive?

D: Yes.

Me: Why are his legs in the air?

D: They’re not his legs – they’re trees! His legs are under the snow.

Wolf fact files
November 26, 2012

Grey Wolf Fact File – Nov 2012

D: The wolf is black and white and grey and the other wolf is red.

Red Wolf Fact File – Nov 2012

D: Red Wolves live longer than grey wolves.
Red Wolves sometimes live in the wild.
Red Wolves eat deers.

A changed outlook
September 20, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf – Sept 2012

D: We had to write whether the wolf’s a goodie or a baddie, so I wrote ‘baddie’. There’s different parts of the wolf’s body all around: That’s his curly tail [bottom left]; that’s his ANGRY face [right]; and that’s a picture of all of him [top left] – he’s supposed to have an ANGRY face, but I forgot and did a smiley face by an accident.




Slimy wolf
September 18, 2012

Wolf mask – Sept 2012

D: It’s a wolf mask – I made it at school. I didn’t have time to finish the colouring in, but I did its fur in orange and its nose in black. That’s some yellow for some more fur, and I did some cosy brown ears.
…AND, you know the slime that dogs get around their nose? Well, the grey’s some of that slime!




Heroic trampolining wolf
September 14, 2012

Little Wolf on the Moon – Sept 2012

D: A little wolf is stuck on the moon, so the big wolf has an idea and jumps on that colourful trampoline [in orange, grey, yellow and green] and goes up and catches Little Wolf in his hand. He comes back down and lands on another trampoline which can tell when he’s coming and turns into a nice, soft, grassy landing. And it’s a wolf machine – that’s the wolf, there – with the green eyes. All the other wolves are just chasing sheep. I wrote ‘trampoline’ on it.

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