Wishing upon a star
December 10, 2012


Rock star wish – Nov 2012

D: That’s me, making a wish. And the wish is… to be a rock star!

Letter to Santa
November 25, 2012

Letter to Santa – Nov 2012

D: “I love you Santa, my wish is I want a ride on your sleigh. That is not all my wishes.
Love Dylan, aged 5.”

Wild technology
October 21, 2012

Me: We’ve got to go to the Post Office to pick up a parcel.

D: Is it for me?

Me: No, I think it’ll be for me.

D: How do you know?

Me: Because I ordered some printer cartridges a couple of days ago and they said that they would be delivered in a couple of days.

D: Printer party juice?

Me: Printer CARTRIDGES – but I think ‘printer party juice’ sounds much better – like the printer has a party all over the paper!

D: I wish it was for me.

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