A real trophy
March 5, 2013


Winning the trophy – Feb 2013

D: I won a trophy for real. That’s me at one end [right], and that’s all the children on the benches. I walked past all the children and did high fives and that’s Mr G giving me the trophy at the other end [left].

Good old Saint George wins the day
November 25, 2012

Saint George and the Dragon – April 2012

D: “George kills the dragon.”

Sweet recognition
August 19, 2012

Me eating the ice cream prize for winning the talent show at kids club with my jokes.

That’s me [right], that’s the chair [coming out as oblongs into the centre]; that the table [square, top right]; that’s my plate and that’s my prize on the plate. That colouring-in is the house [to the left].

Race for independence
August 16, 2012

D: Are you playing racing? [From his lilo in the hotel swimming pool]
Me: Yes – with myself.
D: And my invisible friends.
Me: Oh, I didn’t realise. Who’s winning?
D: My invisible friends.

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