Senior weight training
April 19, 2013

seniorweightsSon: Is that a weight-lifter?

Mum: They are weights on the ends and you do lift it, but it’s called a dumbbell.

Son: Why don’t you use it?

Mum: Dumbbells are for when people want to have big muscley arms. I don’t want my arms to be very muscley. Men tend to use them more than women.

Son: I’m too little to use it though aren’t I?

Mum: Yes.

Son: And I still won’t be old enough when I’m 10 will I?

Mum: No.

Son: Maybe when I’m 77?

Mum: It’s a possibility.

April 18, 2013


Easter egg hunt – March 2013

It’s our garden and you’ve got to try and find the Easter eggs. But watch out, because some are FALSE Easter eggs!

That’s a flower on the table, that big tall purple one is a big apple tree and there’s grass all around to hunt for eggs in. They’re the steps to the gym [left], that’s the weight lifter in the gym [far left, on top of the door], but instead of weights at each end, it’s got EASTER EGGS!

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