Day 10: Walking at Work
January 10, 2014

10th Jan 2014: Walking at Work
I’m getting the distinct impression I need to pick up my speed!

This is Day 10 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

A challenge to walk
May 31, 2013

walkchallengeA CHALLENGE TO WALK
I won the 5-day walking challenge because I went to Vikki’s and walked for all of the days!
It was only me and Misha who won it. I thought some others might win it, but they didn’t because they’re all in their cars going, “I don’t have to walk!” And then going, “…But I want to win the 5-day walking challenge. Hey mum! Can I walk?” And their mums can’t hear because they’re listening to music in their headphones. “Hey mum! Can I walk?” And their mums say, “No darling, because I can’t leave you alone.”

Santa loses his lift
December 14, 2012


Santa delivers on foot – Dec 2012

D: It’s Father Christmas, and they’re the houses he’s going to.

Me: Ah – is he flying?

D: No, he’s walking along… He’s lost his reindeer so he has to walk down the street.

Bigfoot zombie
November 2, 2012

Bigfoot Zombie – Oct 2012

D: It’s a Halloween zombie – but I forgot to do a ‘down’ mouth.

Crunchy walking aids
September 26, 2012

D: It’s really dark in here – I need the light on. Because it’s all dark, I might not see the chair and then bash into it and fall on the floor and hurt my knees. And then I’d need crunches – kid’s crunches.

Walking the dog
September 23, 2012

Walking the dog – paint and metallic/non-metallic pens, Sept 2012

D: They’re four flowers and that’s the dog [in pink], who’s doing a poo. That’s the person’s legs [in blue], and that’s their head up there [in brown].
– The person’s holding a lead in their hand.

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