Top Tips for a Top Notch Performance
February 27, 2016

Can’t beat a bit of constructive feedback! The adjudicator at this year’s Milton Keynes Music Festival was very good – through her group evaluation, ideas and tips for a top performance, all the young musicians learnt that: a ‘phrase’ is a musical sentence; ‘articulation’ is the pronunciation of the notes – clearly defined or slurred through use of the tongue; ‘dynamics’ determine how quick or slow, loud or soft; try and rid yourself of the music stand if you can; and to bow and appreciate an audience’s applause.

Also that musical language like ‘tempo’ is Italian. Dylan would like to know why Italian – any offers on an answer? 

Powerful pictures
July 7, 2013

powerfulpicsMum: What did you do at school today?

Boy: We made cards – for everyone who’s leaving.

Mum: Who’s leaving?

Boy: I don’t know. We had to say what we liked doing best from the year. I put, “I liked the cooking”.

Mum: Ah – because you’re all leaving the class in a couple of weeks and will be going to your next one in September?

Boy: Yes. I really want Mrs C back.

Mum: What does Mrs C do?

Boy: She helps the teacher in the classroom. She works REALLY hard. She does really lovely work. She’s been there since it was built – on the FIRST day, when it opened, she was there and she went in and started working. She doesn’t even take breaks! If she was THROWN out and told to go away – she would just go back in and work. Once, she was told to go away for a break, and she didn’t!

Mum: Mrs C sounds like she likes her work. What work does she do?

Boy: I don’t know, she’s always too busy working and we’re always too busy learning… I know she cuts out lots of pictures.

Mum: Why does she cut out pictures – for the class to use?

Boy: No, she just cuts them out all the time. I don’t know what she uses them for. Mysterious…

I Want Marbles on Facebook too!
April 14, 2013

There’s now a new Facebook page for you to ‘like’ if you like! 🙂

That’s magic!
January 5, 2013

thatsmagicMe: So how did your magic show go at Vikki’s today?

D: Fantastical!
I got ready – they all sat down and went “Eeeee!” I did go all shy.
Then I said, “I need an audience for this one.” And I chose Amy.

Me: What did you get Amy to do?

D: She helped me undo the knot in the ribbon so I could do the trick where you do pick up the ribbon with both your hands and do a knot in it and not let go.

Me: How did the magic box trick go?

D: Good – All the children were tapping the wand on the box and when they opened it the ribbons were still there!

Me: So they didn’t know how you’d done it then?

D: No, they didn’t see me move the end of the box!

Me: That’s good they didn’t see – that’s the trick.

D: Yes, if the button was on the side and BIGGER, then they would see me do it. And if they say, “Why were you putting your hand behind the box?” I can say, “Just because I wanted to!”

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