Oh – to be a woman!
March 8, 2013

tobeawomanMe: Did you know that today is International Women’s Day?
D: What’s International Women’s Day?
Me: It’s when women – across the world – celebrate being women.
D: Do mens have one?
Me: No.
D: Oh – that’s not fair!
Me: Well, a long time ago, men got to do everything and women didn’t get to do anything at all – so now that we can, we celebrate it! Men don’t need to celebrate.
D: But that was a long time ago, before I was born, so I didn’t get to do everything!
Me: You can help celebrate today – because you’ve got a lovely mummy who’s a woman!
D: Mmmmm… You know the Plough pub in Stony Stratford? Well, when it was ages ago and men got to do everything – was that when the Plough was a school?
Me: It could have been, yes.

Sing it loud!
September 5, 2012

D: Here’s an important matter;
How we should behave at school,
You should never ever ever kick, punch, smack,
And never make someone cry because you’re being so rough,
And you should definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely never ever punch someone in the… willy!

– It’s a song that my teacher taught us today and we’re going to sing it EVERY day!
I didn’t believe it or understand what it means before, but I understand what it means now.

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