The great outdoors
May 13, 2013

greatoutdoorsSon: I LOVE Forest School! We got to play ‘1-2-3 Where Are You?’

Mum: And where were you?

Son: In the forest, silly! And there was a Cloak tree.

Mum: Do you mean an Oak tree?

Son: No! It was a Cloak tree – like the Cloakroom at school, but outside. We had to hang our hi-vis jackets on it.

Africa goes global
January 6, 2013


Africa – January 2013
D: I was drawing them at Vikki’s and I thought – I’ll cut out a cactus out for my mum. And then I thought I’ll cut the others out for my dad and Nanny and Grandpa when I go there tomorrow.

Me: That’s nice. Why were you drawing trees and cacti?

D: I was drawing Africa – Africa’s got lots of trees and cactuses.

Me: Did you draw anything else in the picture of Africa, other than trees and cacti?

D: Yes, and some water – the water was in the shape of Africa.

Me: This shape here, on this globe?

D: That’s not Africa – it’s got lots of different coloured shapes in it.

Me: That’s because they’re all countries and Africa is a continent.

D: What’s a continent?

Me: It’s a group of countries.

D: Oh. Oops – no. I did the water round, like that, with a bumpy bit there [draws it in the air] – I just made it up!

Predictions for 2013
January 1, 2013


2013 Calendar – Dec 2012

D: They’re two hedgehogs [centre].
That’s the sun [top left]; they’re some trees [top right]; and they’re some flowers [beneath the trees].

Me: It’s good – is that a rainbow over the hedgehogs?

D: No, it’s just some detail – we had to add some detail, so that’s my detail.

Christmas scene complete!
December 24, 2012


Playmobile Advent Calendar – 24 December 2012

Arctic Wolf – alive but legless
November 27, 2012

Arctic Wolf – Nov 2012

D: It’s a wolf.

Me: Is it alive?

D: Yes.

Me: Why are his legs in the air?

D: They’re not his legs – they’re trees! His legs are under the snow.

Survival guide
November 18, 2012

Survival guide – Oct 2012

D: It’s a picture of me – that’s me [in green, just above centre]. We had to write words by everything. They’re the trees [left and right]; that’s a fire [centre]; that’s all the clues so that people can find the Easter eggs [blue dots]. They’re Superheroes [top] that I made out of my modelling box [right of ‘me’]. And that says ‘rope’ because we had to make a house with some rope.

Autumn’s here
October 15, 2012

Autumnal Tree – mixed media, Oct 2012

D: They’re some leaves that are still on the tree, and those ones have fallen off [bottom of picture] – look THAT one’s nearly reached the ground!

Moving on…
July 18, 2012

D: Do you know how to be a tree?
Me: No
D: Like this… (Stands on one leg with his arms above his head, fingers straight and hands making a pyramid)
Me: That’s a good tree.
D: Yes, my teacher showed it us and it’s an exercise. You might want to add it when you do your exercises. It might be a bit tricky for adults though.
Me: It probably takes a bit of practice. I’ll have a go. But right now we need to be getting washed and dressed.
[D starts practicing his ‘tree’ in various different locations upstairs]
Me: You need to get washed, Dylan – so move the thought of a tree to one side in your head and think about splashing water on your face instead.
D: Right. Splash splash… [washes his face and then freezes]
Mum, the tree’s moved back into my head. And NOW it’s an apple tree… And NOW the apples are falling off…

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