Time Traveling Thieves
October 6, 2014

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Time travelling worms
July 22, 2013

Time travel


Boy: That’s the Earth [left], with blue for the seas and green for the land. There’s some small islands too.

There’s the two black holes and the diagonal is the tunnel that the worms go through to go from the first black hole to the other black hole. The worms are bigger in that black hole [nearest the Earth], because they’re older when they’re there.

That’s a spaceman [top].

Age 6

Rabbit road trip
March 13, 2013


Rabbit rescue – Mar 2013

We all had to do this – it’s when you draw something you find on your doorstep and you don’t know where to take it. I found a rabbit on my doorstep [left]. And I decided that I needed to take some pizza, a backpack and a map [centre]. And I took the rabbit to Africa [right].

Going nowhere
January 16, 2013

Trains in training

All aboard the Christmas Tree Train!
December 29, 2012


The Christmas Tree Train – Dec 2012

D: All the customers are lying on the benches, looking up at the sky.
Some customers have gone in the engine bit because they’re a bit cold outside.

Santa loses his lift
December 14, 2012


Santa delivers on foot – Dec 2012

D: It’s Father Christmas, and they’re the houses he’s going to.

Me: Ah – is he flying?

D: No, he’s walking along… He’s lost his reindeer so he has to walk down the street.

Crossing language barriers
November 12, 2012

D: I wish I was in the sky – in space.

Me: Why?

D: I would LOVE to see the spacemans. How do you get back into Earth when you’re in space?
Do you have to stay there if you go into space?

Me: No because you’d go in a rocket – you’d just turn the rocket around and go back to Earth.

D: How can the rocket get back down if the world is just like a big ball and REALLY, REALLY hard and it can’t get through?

Me: What do you mean – it doesn’t need to go through the Earth – just land on it.

D: No, I MEAN… You know how the Earth is hard?

Me: Yes.

D: Well how can the rocket go back into a country if the Earth is a big ball and SO hard?

Me: Do you mean if the rocket is one side of the Earth in space and the country it’s going back to is on the other side? It would just go AROUND – like a bird. It doesn’t need to go through.

D: Really, really close mum, good try. That’s not what I mean!

Me: How about you show me what you mean on your planets poster when we go upstairs?

D: No, I’ll draw you a picture to show you what I mean…

Explanation of meaning – Nov 2012

D: That’s the Earth and they’re all stars around it. That’s the rocket [bottom], and it’s going back down to Earth. How can it go through when the Earth is really hard?

Me: Ahh! Yes, sorry – the rocket must turn around again just before it reaches the Earth and go in backwards, so it lands on its flat bit! Is that what you mean, because there’s a pointy bit on the top of the rocket?

D: Yes!

Luggage restrictions
July 30, 2012

D: Why did you buy a bag?
Me: To take on holiday.
D: But we’ve got a bag.
Me: This one’s to take on the plane – it’s big enough to put things in.
D: Is it big enough to put us in?
Me: How would we get on the plane if we were in the bag?
D: We could carry it on, and then get in to explore inside the bag.

Crossing borders
July 29, 2012

Luckily I’ve got my passport that I made at school so they HAVE to let us on the aeroplane…

Holiday essentials
July 28, 2012

D: What’s a travel kettle?
Me: It’s a little mini-kettle so I can make a cup of tea when we’re on holiday in the hotel.
D: But they might already have a machine for making a cup of tea.
Me: They do have kettles, but you have to pay lots of money to borrow them. I want to take a little one with us so I don’t run out of money for other things.
D: Like ice cream?
Me: Yes, ice cream and kids club – it would be a disaster if I had no money left for you to go to kids club!
D: I LOVED kids club in France! We have to MAKE SURE we get a travel kettle.

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