3D modelling
August 25, 2014


This bank holiday clay modelling session evolved from a thumb-pot, to a dog’s bowl, to a tortoise with a bowl on its back, to a giant tortoise carrying a person on its back!

Musical transport
June 27, 2014

For the past three weeks in Design & Technology club, the children’s challenge has been to design and make a scooter. Of course, Dylan decided he wanted to make one that was also a stringed instrument. Apparently it took most of the first session to explain it to the teacher, and convince her that it WOULD fulfil the brief and be a scooter.
It actually looks a bit like a Segway…

Jazzy jeep
May 4, 2013


It’s a car and it’s all camouflaged!

Pimp my ride
April 30, 2013


It’s a car [top]. I’m not very good at drawing cars.
Leo is a champion drawer at cars. So I thought if I ask him to draw me a race car, that would be pretty good [bottom].
It’s got engines with fire!

Space shuttle service
April 28, 2013


It’s a rocket. They’re some people who have just got out [left] and those are some people who are just about to climb up the stairs and get in [right].

Going nowhere
January 16, 2013

Trains in training

All aboard the Christmas Tree Train!
December 29, 2012


The Christmas Tree Train – Dec 2012

D: All the customers are lying on the benches, looking up at the sky.
Some customers have gone in the engine bit because they’re a bit cold outside.

Santa loses his lift
December 14, 2012


Santa delivers on foot – Dec 2012

D: It’s Father Christmas, and they’re the houses he’s going to.

Me: Ah – is he flying?

D: No, he’s walking along… He’s lost his reindeer so he has to walk down the street.

Flash wheels
October 20, 2012

Me: Did you have a good ‘Wheels Day’ at school? Did you manage to unfold your scooter?

D: Yes – and when I made the lights flash, everybody came around – I had to show it to ONE HUNDRED children!

Me: Wow, that’s a lot of children.

D: Well it was less than one hundred really – thirty, it was. No… forty.

Me: That’s a bit different to one hundred!

D: And I didn’t show it to myself, that would just be silly – I already know how it works – so it was… two-ty… twenty… twenty-two.

Colourful logistics
August 5, 2012

Multi-coloured van, Feb 2012

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