Robots in disguise
April 26, 2013

robotsindisguiseMum: Who’s Bumblebee?

Son: Bumblebee’s a Transformer.

Mum: Ah he must look like a bee?

Son: Yes, and he talks like this “buzz, buzz”. He turns into a car too. Because he’s a robot.

Mum: Oh yes – ‘robots in disguise’!

Son: What’s ‘disguise’?

Mum: It’s when you try and make yourself look like something else – like people might put different clothes on and wear a wig.

Son: Transformers do NOT wear wigs! How could wigs turn into cars? They’re metal!
Bulkhead is the strongest one of all, but he keeps getting killed. That’s not very strong is it?
They think he’s dead when he lies down not moving, but he’s actually not.

Mum: Maybe he’s just having a break.

Son: No the Autobots never ever have a break – not even Bulkhead.

Canny chameleon
March 28, 2013



D: It’s a chameleon! You know chameleons can change colour can’t they?

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