Sweet tooth
August 6, 2012

D: How does your body know when you’ve had too many sweets?
Me: Your body makes energy out of sugar, so if you eat lots of sweets but aren’t running around, then your body doesn’t know what to do with all the energy – that’s when your body would get fat, spotty and your teeth would fall out.
D: But I WANT my teeth to fall out so the tooth fairy comes.
Me: The tooth fairy won’t come for teeth that fall out because of too many sweets.
D: But WHEN will my teeth fall out? They’re just not doing it. Edward’s tooth fell out naturally at Vikki’s and we had to look all around for a white thing that looked like paper, or plastic, or just like a tooth. And he got a coin. And my teeth NEVER fall out, so I’ll never get a coin!

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