Time travelling worms
July 22, 2013

Time travel


Boy: That’s the Earth [left], with blue for the seas and green for the land. There’s some small islands too.

There’s the two black holes and the diagonal is the tunnel that the worms go through to go from the first black hole to the other black hole. The worms are bigger in that black hole [nearest the Earth], because they’re older when they’re there.

That’s a spaceman [top].

Age 6

Time travel
July 21, 2013

timetravelBoy: Can we make a time machine today – a REAL one?

[Mum Googles for some sort of inspiration and comes up with the following:
http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/nstv/2011/10/how-to-build-a-time-machine.html ]

Mum: It looks a bit tricky – we need two black holes, a worm hole, and some dark energy to prop open the worm hole. It might take a few years. We could make a pretend one today?

Boy: But I want to make a REAL one! So, you mean we can’t make it in one day? How old will I be? Will I be dead?

Mum: I guess it depends how fast you work on it.

Boy: I want to work on it ALL DAY tomorrow!

Defeating time
June 11, 2013

defeatingtimeSon: Mum! Come and look at my time machine I made!

Mum: Oh yes, it’s made out of your clothes that you’re supposed to be putting on!

Son: Yeah. Think of a time and it takes you back to it. I need to stick the bits together though.

Mum: Maybe YOU could be the glue that holds them all together?

Son: No – that wouldn’t work. Mum, at the weekend – not this weekend when I’m at my Dad’s but the next one – can we make a REAL time machine?

Mum: Um. Yeees, we can try…

Son: Will we be on the news?

Mum: If it works, I’m sure we’d be on the news!

Son: We’d better make sure it works then!

[Any suggestions for this upcoming task, greatly appreciated! 😉 ]

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