Mmm… Sweaty biscuits
August 8, 2013

sweatybiscuitsMum: Did you make the cakes today or just decorate them?

Boy: We just decorated them.

Mum: How did you decorate yours?

Boy: We had to do something sporty on them and mine was awesome!

Mum: What was it?

Boy: It was me – sweating! Because I was running so much. And I really did that today – I ran a lot.
Actually it wasn’t me sweating, it was me with a swoosh behind me – you know when you’re running SO fast that the air swooshes? It tasted sooooo yummy.

Taste test
July 31, 2013



Mum: I think those pellets might be a bit big for the fish to eat – maybe it would be better to give them the flakes instead.

Boy: I know! We could give them half pellets, half flakes and see which ones they like best!

Mum: Ah – like a taste test?

Boy: Yes! And if they like both, then we can carry on giving them half pellets and half flakes next time.

A tasty year to come
January 1, 2013


2013 New Year celebration cakes

Beware of over-processing
December 5, 2012

bewareoverprocessMe: Were you just gargling with your jelly?

D: Yes. I did it through my teeth first – in, out, in, out, in, out. Then it was like a juice drink, so I slurped it and gargled it… It didn’t taste very nice when I swallowed it though.

Me: You probably over-processed it.

D: Huh?

Me: You probably changed the taste of it by doing too much with it in your mouth!

D: Yes, I won’t do it any more – it tastes nicer when it’s still like jelly.

A changing palate
August 28, 2012

D: What’s THAT?
Me: Mange tout.
D: I HATE it – the mange tout. What’s THAT?
Me: Red cabbage.
D: No – PURPLE cabbage!
Me: OK, it’s purple.
D: I LOVE it – the purple cabbage!
Me: Good, I’m glad.
D: You know when your taste buds change?
Me: Yes?
D: Well, then I might not like the purple cabbage any more. Or I might… Not. Might. Not. Might…

Taste the difference
August 24, 2012

D: Taste that cheese – it’s not our cheese.
Me: It’s tasty – different’s good.
D: Why is it good?
Me: Because if nothing was different, all food would be the same, and countries would be the same, and people would be the same – how boring would that be?
D: Yeah Рand houses would be the same, and  clothes would be the same, and hairstyles would be the same, and friends would be the same, and everyone would have the same name, and coloured pens would be the same.
Me: How boring would that be – to only have one colour for drawing pictures with?
D: Yes… I don’t want this cucumber. I don’t like it – it’s different.

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