Santa in a paddling pool
May 9, 2013

santapaddlesSon: That paddling pool‘s for babies!

Mum: No it’s not. YOU can stand in it and paddle – I can stand in it and paddle and I’m an adult!

Son: Can Santa stand in it and paddle?

Mum: Yes, probably! …Although his reindeer might not fit in.

Warm and toasty in the snow
January 15, 2013

warmtoastyMe: What did you talk about at school today?

D: What’s our favourite weather.

Me: And what’s YOUR favourite weather?

D: Snow… No… Sun.

Me: Why’s that?

D: Because when it’s sunny you get all toasted and you don’t need the heating on. What’s your favourite weather?

Me: I like a bit of snow sometimes and I like a bit of sun sometimes. I don’t much like rain though.

D: No, I don’t like rain. What’s your favourite year?

Me: Do you mean time of year?

D: Yes.

Me: I like ALL of the seasons – they all have something to offer – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Although I don’t much like it when leaves fall off the trees in Autumn and ALL decide to fall into our garden.

D: Do you want to know my favourite season?

Me: Go on.

D: Summer – because it NEVER rains in Summer. It’s sunny EVERY day.

Me: It rains sometimes in Summer – what would happen to all the plants if it didn’t rain?

D: Yes – they’d die…

Dehydration: possible side effects
July 23, 2012

D: I had a giant glass of water at Vikki’s today – it was SOOO big and I drank SOOO much that there was only a little bit left in the bottom.
Me: That’s good – it’s important to drink lots of water when it’s hot.
D: AND milk – so your bones don’t all break and your body just slithers onto the floor into a big pile.

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