Dylan’s a gold medallist!
August 4, 2012


One of 3 medals given out in this week’s Sports Camp for:

  • Trying your best
  • Helping other people
  • Not going in a strop when you lose

One more for Team GB 😉

Fall guy
July 27, 2012

D: We did boxing at sports camp today. Do you know what boxing is?

Me: You tell me; what’s boxing?

D: You put on some big, squishy gloves and you bash someone who’s wearing a helmet and they fall over.

Me: How did you do?

D: Well, I couldn’t make anyone fall over. Edward kept bashing me and I kept falling over, but he said he’d let me win some games in the football. Sometimes we both just fell over, it was so funny!

Just like the Olympics…
July 27, 2012

D: I had a dream that I won a MEDAL in sports camp!
Me: Wow – do you think your dream will come true?
D: It HAS to – I’ve only won a medal one time. I don’t know who will win the trophy – it’s not going to be me or Edward.
Me: What do you have to do to win a medal?
D: You have to try your best and help other people and don’t get in a strop if you don’t win a game.

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