Deleting phonics
April 16, 2013

deletingphonicsSon: I wish it was a school day.

Mum: Are you looking forward to seeing all your friends again?

Son: Yes… Except for phonics. I hate phonics. I wish they could just DELETE phonics.

Mum: Why don’t you like phonics? Ah that’s where you make lots of different sounds isn’t it? Where you go “ai”, “ee”, “oo”, “th”, “ng”?

Son: Yeah – it’s boring. We just do the SAME thing over and over and over again.

Mum: Do you find it easy or hard?

Son: It’s easy. And boring.

Invisible talking partners
July 24, 2012

D: Mum, my invisible friends are coming with me today. They’ve got their invisible book bags, and their invisible lunch boxes and… Oh – it’s not a school day! They’ve just put their invisible book bags back, but they’ve still got their invisible lunch boxes. But wait a minute – Alphie’s got some problems at home that he needs to solve – because he can’t talk yet. So he’s staying here, and Joseph’s coming to Vikki’s.

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