Giant sneezes
June 23, 2013

giantsneezesBoy: I had a dream last night – it was half BFG, half school. One of the bad giants visits Stony Stratford – he sees our school and and he says, “I’ve been looking for that school!”

He sees us playing in the bottom playground – year 1 and year 2 – and he guzzles up all of the children up. I’m sad because he’s eaten up all of my friends and who am I going to play with?

My friend Lucy is hiding and sewing bird feathers. I ask her if she can change me into a bird; giants don’t like birds – they make them itch ALL day! I go flying above the giant and the feathers drop off onto him and make him start sneezing. As he sneezes, all of the children he’s eaten explode out of him, through his fingernails. And it’s not even the end of break time, so we can carry on playing!

A quick cold
April 25, 2013

quickcoldSon: I got a cold on the way to school today.

Mum: Really? Just like that? What happened?

Son: I was walking along and I got a tickle in my nose, and it was a cold coming along. [Rolls down car window] BYE JAMES! BYE BEN! Mum: Well that’s not very nice is it, for a cold to just come along like that?

Son: Actually I just checked – it’s gone now.

Seven soldiers: #2 – Sneezy
November 11, 2012

Sneezy the Soldier – Nov 2012

D: It’s Sneezy – he’s blowing his nose because he keeps sneezing!

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