Sleepwalking into danger
August 22, 2012

D: What’s sleepwalking?
Me: When people walk when they’re asleep.
D: Is it for real – are there people sleepwalking in this world?
Me: Yes, most just do things like get out of bed and walk around to the other side, but some do go out of the door and for a walk.
D: Do they walk like this – like zombies? [Does an impression of a zombie with arms held out in front of him]
Me: That’s how people draw pictures of people sleepwalking, but they don’t really have their arms out in front of them.
D: Yeah – I saw Bananas in Pyjamas where Morgan went to the bananas’ house and ate up all their fruit – and he had his arms out like that.
Me: ┬áMaybe sleepwalkers SHOULD hold their arms out, because they can’t see very well. It can be a bit dangerous going for a walk when you’re asleep.
D: Yes, because you might bump into things, and you might go to the zoo, and all the animals might jump out of their pens and eat you.
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