Connecting people
August 14, 2014

Me: Look at those big grey clouds!

D: There’s a tiny triangle of blue over there – like a Dorito!

Me: My granny used to say: “If there’s enough blue to make a Dutchman’s trousers, it will end up being nice.”

D: There’s only enough to make a Dutchman’s shorts. Who is your granny?

Me: She died before you were born. She was G-G’s wife.

D: But that was ages ago and G-G’s still alive!

Me: Yes, he’s strong.

D: Well, he’s not strong with lots of muscles because he’s old, but he kept going.

Me: Yes – mentally, he’s strong.

D: Who was your granny’s mum?

Me: The lady on the front of the photo album with all the family pictures in it in our dining room.

D: Oh. And who’s Granny’s mum?

Me: Granny’s mum is my granny, the lady I just told you about who died before you were born.

D: Does my dad know Granny?

Me: Yes, he knows her from when we were married.

[Long pause]

D: Did you know that everyone in the world is family? They’re all joined up, because otherwise there would be people at the end without a mum and dad which doesn’t make sense – everyone’s from the same family. The person in that car in front is our family. And the random person in that car over there is our family too. And that person, and that person, and that person…

Me: Okay, I suppose that’s true – at some point back in time we must all be related somehow. Where did you learn about that?

D: Nowhere, I just thought of it for myself.

Rainbows explained
December 22, 2012


Rainbows explained – Nov 2012

D: Rainbows come out after it is raining.

Catching some rays
August 30, 2012

D: What’s the sky made out of?
Me: What do you think it’s made out of?
D: Water?
Me: The clouds are made of water. The rest is the atmosphere, made up of gases – nitrogen and oxygen.
D: What’s the sun made out of?
Me: I’m not sure, lots of gases – hydrogen and helium and carbon and something.
D: Is it fire, but melted and still hot?
Me: Yes, something like that.
D: Then why does it have bumps in? Is it where it shoots fire out?
Me: I have no idea… Ask your teacher.

Holiday hallucinations
August 7, 2012

D: I can see a shooting star!

Me: Can you? It’s not very often you can see them!

D: I can see three – two are orange and one’s silver…

Me: I’m not sure that they can be real shooting stars then – shooting stars don’t happen very often and not many people see them.

D: Well, it’s true – I DID see three shooting stars, but two have gone now and there’s only the silver one left now. They move so fast don’t they? They’re quite hard to see…


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