Exploring cultures: Russia
July 9, 2013


They’re Russian dolls!
Age 5

The wrong shape
April 24, 2013

wrongshapeMum: What did you have for lunch today?

Son: Pizza.

Mum: Did you eat it all?

Son: Except for the salad.

Mum: That again. You should try to eat some of it. What was for pudding?

Son: Fruit. Or crackers and butter. I had an apple. It didn’t taste like an apple though, so I didn’t eat it.

Mum: Why didn’t it taste like an apple?

Son: It was the wrong shape, y’know – not big enough? It was too small to be an apple really – it wasn’t ready.

Bigger than a bedroom
February 11, 2013

biggerthanD: I WISH I could go into space.

Me: What made you say that?

D: I just REALLY want to see all the worlds… They’re bigger than my bedroom aren’t they?

Me: Yes.

D: And they’re bigger than the house!

Me: Yes.

D: And they’re bigger than the world!

Me: Well, the world IS a world, so no.

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