Day 3: A wonderful world of water
January 3, 2014

3rd Jan 2014: Water wheels, hammers and sharks
Becky, Aged 37
3rd Jan 2014: A fresh pool
Dylan, Aged 6

This is Day 3 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Crazy fish out of water
June 5, 2013

crazyfishSon: Next year, after this holiday – what’s the place called that we’re going to?

Mum: Gran Canaria.

Son: Yes, after Gran Canaria, can we go back to Crete?

Mum: We’ll see. I’d like to visit different countries. We could go to Egypt and you might be able to swim well enough to come snorkelling and see all the pretty fish under the water.

Son: But what about the sharks?

Mum: You don’t need to worry about sharks.

Son: I just imagined something! I imagined that we were in the sea and a shark was chasing us and we ran out of the sea onto the beach and the shark followed us – he stood on his flippers and walked onto the beach and then started singing “Gangnam Style” with a microphone!

A few Q’s
August 21, 2012

D: Are you a REAL policeman? [To a hotel security guard, pointing at his badge]

D: How did you get the mouths OUT of the sharks? [To a sales lady, pointing at the shark jaws/teeth on sale in her shop]

D: Mum, that person was being naughty – they had their foot in a fish tank! It’s real, they did – it’s true! Why would they DO that? [Having just walked past a fish foot spa place]
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