Day 29: A sting in the tail
January 29, 2014

29th Jan 2014: Steve the Scorpion
29th Jan 2014: Sam the Scorpion

In today’s Art + Board Games + Sharing Club we drew Sam and Steve the scorpions and their pedipalps (pincers) – thanks to our new ‘Draw Really Cool Stuff’ book by Doug DuBosque. Dylan then excavated the final 2 dinosaurs from a block of plaster so that we could progress to the accompanying ‘Dinosaur World’ board game.

This is Day 29 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

Day 23: Producing 3d food
January 23, 2014

23rd Jan 2014: A 3d pepper
I could have put a couple more contours around the front and the contours at the bottom should be inverted..
23rd Jan 2014: A 3d apple

In our Art + Board Games + Sharing Club this evening, we decided to continue with our 3d technique and look at some healthy foods. ‘Board’ got removed from the club’s title and club members disbanded as Dylan then decided he’d prefer to play on the Spanish MindSnacks app this week – as he “really needed to get to Level 7”.

This is Day 23 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

Day 15: An extra pair of hands
January 15, 2014

3D hand – by Becky
(Must pay more attention to my thumbs!)
3D hand – by Dylan

As I completely missed the deadline for after school clubs (which are all now full), we’re starting our own highly exclusive out-of-school clubs: Art + Board Games + Sharing Club on a Tues/Wed/Thurs (depending on other evening commitments) and Football + Music Club on a Fri evening.

We decided to hold the inaugural meeting of our Art + Board Games + Sharing Club tonight – where we magically came up with another pair of hands and battled to grab the greatest number of aliens.
Manic Marshians score:
Dylan 2, Becky 1.

I’m not sure whether this fits the Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge, but we’re now in the planning phase for our Friday Football + Music Club! 🙂

This is Day 15 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

The Wonderful Tree
June 6, 2013


By Rosalind Kerven
“It was never seen again.”
Age 5

Divided by / sharing
November 22, 2012

D: Today we learnt a new thing for numbers at school – dot, then line, then dot [drawing in the air]

Me: Ah – that’s ‘divided by‘.

D: Yes.

Me: So what’s 10 divided by 2?

D: I don’t know – 7?

Me: No. Look – there’s 10 pieces of tortellini, and if 2 people want to share them, how many pieces do they get each?

D: 5.

Me: Yes, well done!

D: And I know that 5 and 5 and 5 and 5 make 20.

Me: That’s right – so how many 5s is that?

D: 1-2-3-4.

Me: Yes! So the other way round, 20 pieces of tortellini divided by 5 people is 4 each.

D: So what’s 9 pieces of tortellini divided by 5?

Me: That’s when you have to go into fractions. Because everyone would get one whole piece, but there would only be 4 left after that and you’d have to chop them up to share them out – so they wouldn’t be whole numbers.

D: Guess what my teacher did today? She brought in 2 apples, and she cut them into pieces. The first one, she cut a TINY piece off and gave it to Mrs C, and she had the REALLY big bit. That wasn’t equal was it? How funny is that?! It’s really funny isn’t it?
Then she cut the second one in half down the middle.

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