A Personal Message From Dylan’s Sweet Shop
January 3, 2015

Before Christmas we sold some sweets at Mum’s work.
Today we have been making some New year sweets. Also known as Message Bars. They have one of your 5 a day so enjoy. Happy new year!

It’s all about the research
December 11, 2014

Following a survey about favourite seasonal communication design (set as homework by his school), Dylan has now adapted his initial card/flyer design, had feedback on the initial work-in-progress from the Cranfield Speakers taste testing focus group and an offer of help from his old nursery carer – thank you guys, we’re into development mode at the weekend!

A few Q’s
August 21, 2012

D: Are you a REAL policeman? [To a hotel security guard, pointing at his badge]

D: How did you get the mouths OUT of the sharks? [To a sales lady, pointing at the shark jaws/teeth on sale in her shop]

D: Mum, that person was being naughty – they had their foot in a fish tank! It’s real, they did – it’s true! Why would they DO that? [Having just walked past a fish foot spa place]
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