Wolf fact files
November 26, 2012

Grey Wolf Fact File – Nov 2012

D: The wolf is black and white and grey and the other wolf is red.

Red Wolf Fact File – Nov 2012

D: Red Wolves live longer than grey wolves.
Red Wolves sometimes live in the wild.
Red Wolves eat deers.

Tired eyes
October 26, 2012

D: You know when I had sleepy eyes in Crete? Well I know what they’re called now – Misha told me. They’re blood streams.

Me: Do you mean ‘blood shot’ eyes?

D: No, not ‘blood shot’, ‘blood STREAMS’! When you’re really tired they come in your eyes to let you know that you’re really sleepy. Do you know why they’re called blood streams?

Me: Why?

D: Because they’re made out of blood and they look like little streams, so they’re called blood streams.

Warning signs
July 21, 2012

Jellyfish (an angry one) – June 2011

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