A junior ploughman’s
September 29, 2012

Cheese Ploughman’s – Sept 2012

D: It’s what I have when Mikayla looks after me – a Ploughman’s.




Banana power
July 31, 2012

This is a true story:
If you don’t eat all your banana up, the banana man will come along and eat it all up. And he’s got special banana powers and he gets more by eating more bananas. It’s ALL they eat – the bananamans and bananaladies. I eat all my banana up, but I like raisins more.

What if..?
July 14, 2012

Book: …Raisins.

Max has raisins in his lunch box.

A raisin is a dry grape.

Grapes dry in the sun. [pic]

D: How do they go all shrivelled up like that?

Me: The sun heats up the grapes and cooks them a bit, so all the water goes out of them and they shrivel up.

D: Next weekend can we put all our grapes in the oven to see what happens?

(What’s for lunch? By Shoo Rayner)

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