Pimp my ride
April 30, 2013


It’s a car [top]. I’m not very good at drawing cars.
Leo is a champion drawer at cars. So I thought if I ask him to draw me a race car, that would be pretty good [bottom].
It’s got engines with fire!

Zebra race
March 27, 2013



D: They’re all zebras – that’s a pattern.

Me: Why are they all on top of one another?

D: They’re not! They’re just lined up. Do you know why that one’s a bit further back? ‘Cause he’s a bit slow.

A defensive game plan
October 2, 2012


Hulk and the Swords – Sept 2012

D: That’s Hulk [top left], they’re all his swords [in red] and that’s the United States of America flag to start the race.





Race for independence
August 16, 2012

D: Are you playing racing? [From his lilo in the hotel swimming pool]
Me: Yes – with myself.
D: And my invisible friends.
Me: Oh, I didn’t realise. Who’s winning?
D: My invisible friends.

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