The clothing process
January 26, 2013


The clothes machine

Me: Look, Dylan – I got your clothes machine ready for you, so you can get dressed quickly, like you did before!

D: No tops, Mum – it doesn’t work with them! Look – if I start at this end and put the T-Shirt on, then the shirt, then I’ll put my head in my pants, then in my trousers and then in my socks – and my head won’t fit in my socks. The tops can’t be part of the machine.

Beware of over-processing
December 5, 2012

bewareoverprocessMe: Were you just gargling with your jelly?

D: Yes. I did it through my teeth first – in, out, in, out, in, out. Then it was like a juice drink, so I slurped it and gargled it… It didn’t taste very nice when I swallowed it though.

Me: You probably over-processed it.

D: Huh?

Me: You probably changed the taste of it by doing too much with it in your mouth!

D: Yes, I won’t do it any more – it tastes nicer when it’s still like jelly.

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