Well-intentioned but not thought through!
December 4, 2012

wellintentionedBook: Do you know the story of Robin Hood? He stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Me: So he stole money, which was bad, but he gave it to poor people, which was good.

D: It’s not really very good because, if he steals the rich people‘s money then they will get poor and then if he gives all the money to the poor people then they will get rich. Then he will steal all the money from them.

Me: Good point.

Food for thought
September 30, 2012

Me: Did you have your Harvest Festival Assembly today?

D: Yes – in the hall. All the food was put out on the tables in the hall. I could see my pot of fruit, but I couldn’t see my tin.

Me: Ah – did they put all the food together on the table?

D: Yes.

Me: And where’s the food going?

D: To those countries that don’t have any food. Which countries are they?

Me: Some parts of Africa, some parts of India…

D: Some parts of China?

Me: Possibly.

D: Some parts of Crete?

Me: I don’t think they’ll be going to Crete, I think Crete has enough food – it had food when we went there, didn’t it?

D: But there might be another part of Crete that doesn’t have food.

Me: True.

D: Where else? …Manchester?

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