The big reveal
January 12, 2013


A lift-the-flap picture – Jan 2013

D: Look – it’s you under the flap, mummy! I didn’t have time to put your hair on though.

Me: That’s lovely. The pattern on the paper looks like giraffe fur.

D: It is – I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to use the giraffe paper, but Mrs V said it was all right.

Appearances can be deceptive
December 7, 2012


D: One day at school there was a monster smashing up all the cars. It was after the fun had happened.
We were all sitting round in a circle, seeing what words were called out and getting them to say what they were. My one was saying what portrait and landscape was, and Jaimie said it before me. I said to Miss Draisy that I was about to say that, and she went to the medal cupboard and I got a medal.

After that there was a HUGE monster outside – it’s got you in this bit – it was smashing up ALL the cars. It wasn’t going to smash OUR car though.

Then it turned into a little animal – a cute little monkey. I went to check our car and it wasn’t smashed up. I went to see the monkey – I thought he was eating our car, so I went to pull him off, but he wasn’t, he was kissing it!

Then he went off with his monkey mum he said “Bye bye!” And I said “Bye bye!” Back.

Big cloudy hair
October 13, 2012

Caricature – pen, Oct 2012

D: It’s a person and that’s her hair.

Left-handed portrait
October 1, 2012

Left-handed portrait – Sept 2012

D: That’s you, mummy. They’re your fingers. I didn’t have time to draw them on the other hand, so you’ve only got fingers on one hand.

An alternative perspective
September 24, 2012

Landscape rainbow – paint and metallic / non-metallic pens, Sept 2012

D: It’s a rainbow, but in ‘skate’ [landscape] instead of portrait.




Capturing the moment
September 2, 2012

Photography, Aug 2012

D: That’s a camera, on a stand. And that’s a picture of a person inside the camera.

Portrait of Mia
August 26, 2012

Birthday card for Mia at kids club, Hotel Anastasia, August 2012

D: That’s her hair – in green – and that’s her really colourful dress. And it’s got bows all over it.

Fruity biscuit art
August 17, 2012

It’s a face stuck on with honey – grapes for the eyes, apricot for the nose and prune for the moustache!

Like looking in the mirror…
July 25, 2012

Mummy – September 2011

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