Bigger than a bedroom
February 11, 2013

biggerthanD: I WISH I could go into space.

Me: What made you say that?

D: I just REALLY want to see all the worlds… They’re bigger than my bedroom aren’t they?

Me: Yes.

D: And they’re bigger than the house!

Me: Yes.

D: And they’re bigger than the world!

Me: Well, the world IS a world, so no.

Snow for Christmas
December 6, 2012


D: How big is this world?

Me: Huge! Not as big as Saturn and the other big planets, though.

D: It’s bigger than Pluto though.

Me: Yes – because Pluto’s a dwarf planet isn’t it?

D: No! It’s just small. Mercury‘s like Earth, but all the people are really hot.
Me: Are they?

D: Yes, because it’s the closest to the sun. But it’s OK, it won’t melt, because it’s a METAL planet – it’s made from metal. But all the people on it are sad because they can’t have Christmas.

Me: Why is that?

D: Because all the snow would melt. So it snows, and straight away it melts. So they can’t have Christmas.

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