Inland piracy
March 3, 2013


Boating lake – Feb 2013

D: That’s a boat in the lake, and that’s a pirate flag with a skull and crossbones. There’s a man downstairs, where the work gets done, and that’s the captain, with his hat on. There’s waves on the lake and that’s an island, with X-marks-the-spots and a palm tree.

Pirates, sea-legs and swimming
November 16, 2012

Pirates, boats and beaches – Nov 2012

D: It’s pirates – they’re the beaches [circles at the top], with trees on them and an ‘X marks the spot’. That’s the boat [centre], and I did someone swimming there [below the boat] – that’s their hair going up.
That one’s [left] got poorly legs because they’re all bendy and he needs to go to the doctor – a pirate doctor.

Piracy is wrong
July 16, 2012

Son: We read a book at school today.

Mum: What was the book?

Son: It was a book about pirates called Dirty Joe, and it was fighting brother and sister pirates because they forgot they were brother and sister. And the brother nicked pants and hung them up on his boat and the sister nicked socks and hung them up on her boat. THEN the sister wanted to wear her brother’s pants, so she nicked them and the brother wasn’t a pirate any more because he had no pants. And it’s a true story – it’s actually in our world.

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