Top Tips for a Top Notch Performance
February 27, 2016

Can’t beat a bit of constructive feedback! The adjudicator at this year’s Milton Keynes Music Festival was very good – through her group evaluation, ideas and tips for a top performance, all the young musicians learnt that: a ‘phrase’ is a musical sentence; ‘articulation’ is the pronunciation of the notes – clearly defined or slurred through use of the tongue; ‘dynamics’ determine how quick or slow, loud or soft; try and rid yourself of the music stand if you can; and to bow and appreciate an audience’s applause.

Also that musical language like ‘tempo’ is Italian. Dylan would like to know why Italian – any offers on an answer? 

Day 19: A hint of progress
January 19, 2014

19th Feb 2014: Heading in the right direction

This is Day 19 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

Into a shark’s mouth
April 7, 2013

sharksmouthMe: You have 10 minutes left to get washed and brush your teeth!

D: I can’t do it.

Me: There’s no such thing as can’t.

D: There is – when you can’t do something!

Me: If you try hard enough you can do anything!

D: What about jumping into a shark‘s mouth?

Me: Well… I guess, if you train really hard and you get the right sort of shark – a pretend shark or a model shark…

D: What would be the point in that?

Me: Umm… art?

D: Maybe if it was a friendly shark it would let you back out again.

Me: Maybe – if it didn’t have teeth.

D: Yes – but all sharks have teeth!

That’s magic!
January 5, 2013

thatsmagicMe: So how did your magic show go at Vikki’s today?

D: Fantastical!
I got ready – they all sat down and went “Eeeee!” I did go all shy.
Then I said, “I need an audience for this one.” And I chose Amy.

Me: What did you get Amy to do?

D: She helped me undo the knot in the ribbon so I could do the trick where you do pick up the ribbon with both your hands and do a knot in it and not let go.

Me: How did the magic box trick go?

D: Good – All the children were tapping the wand on the box and when they opened it the ribbons were still there!

Me: So they didn’t know how you’d done it then?

D: No, they didn’t see me move the end of the box!

Me: That’s good they didn’t see – that’s the trick.

D: Yes, if the button was on the side and BIGGER, then they would see me do it. And if they say, “Why were you putting your hand behind the box?” I can say, “Just because I wanted to!”

Wishing upon a star
December 10, 2012


Rock star wish – Nov 2012

D: That’s me, making a wish. And the wish is… to be a rock star!

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