Secret weapon: The H/Yakka
January 31, 2013

theyakkaD: We learnt the [H/]Yakka in P. E. today! It goes like this:
[Pats knees, then chest then puts arms in the air whilst chanting]
Cormati, cormati, bu – Orr!
And you have to do it so loud that you’ll scare your audience – and then you’re finished the [H/]Yakka and that’s all you have to do.
I don’t know why you have to get changed if it’s just that long.
Me: Wow. Is that about rugby?
D: No, everyone has to remember the [H/]Yakka – it’s for every single game – even basketball – it’s to scare the audience!

Posh man running
September 12, 2012

D: Do you know how to do Posh Man Running?
Me: No.
D: We learnt it in P.E. – it’s like this: You have a moustache [holds forefinger across his top lip], have a hat [pretends to put a tall hat on with both hands], have your arms like this [positions arms and hands like he’s about to do a train impression]. Then run!

Magic buttons
September 11, 2012

D: I wonder how my top turned inside out?

Me: It probably turned itself inside out when you took it off for P.E. and you just didn’t notice when you put it back on.

D: No, I looked at it for a LONG time, and the buttons were there. I pressed the buttons in too – how did I do that if it was inside-out? It was inside-in I KNOW it was… Maybe I pressed a button too hard and it accidentally popped itself inside-out. Look at those giant pencils! [Driving past a school playground featuring a 6-ft high model of some coloured pencils] You can’t draw with them though – can you?

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