Time travel
July 21, 2013

timetravelBoy: Can we make a time machine today – a REAL one?

[Mum Googles for some sort of inspiration and comes up with the following:
http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/nstv/2011/10/how-to-build-a-time-machine.html ]

Mum: It looks a bit tricky – we need two black holes, a worm hole, and some dark energy to prop open the worm hole. It might take a few years. We could make a pretend one today?

Boy: But I want to make a REAL one! So, you mean we can’t make it in one day? How old will I be? Will I be dead?

Mum: I guess it depends how fast you work on it.

Boy: I want to work on it ALL DAY tomorrow!

Watching versus doing
December 30, 2012

watchingvdoingD: Mum, you shouldn’t watch too much TV, should you?

Me: No – your eyes might go square.

D: But that’s just a legend isn’t it? It’s not really real is it? It’s a LEGEND.

Me: What do you think will happen if you watch too much TV then?

D: Nothing. Your eyes will just go round like they already are.

Me: Well, perhaps you’re right – but your brain might stop working properly if you watch too much TV.

D: Why?

Me: You might stop having ideas. When do you have YOUR best ideas?

D: When something’s gone wrong and I need to think of a way to fix it, so it doesn’t go wrong again.

Me: OK, and do you ever have those good ideas whilst you’re watching the telly?

D: No, because when I watch the telly I switch my brain off.

Me: So if you watch the telly TOO MUCH, you’d stop actually DOING things and your brain wouldn’t need to come up with as many good ideas.

D: Yes, my brain would just be switched off all the time and I would just say “erm, erm, erm” all day long and even at my birthday party I would still be going “erm, erm, erm…”!

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