Signalling your presence
June 18, 2013

signallingpresBoy: Because you’ve not rided a bike for ages, I’ll lead. Put your feet on the pedals, like this. Then push down one pedal and you can start moving. If you feel like you’re out of control or going too fast you press your brakes like this. If there’s a person or a car coming you have to ding your bell so they know that you’re there [dings his bell].

Mum: I haven’t got a dinger.

Boy: OK, you’ll have to clap or whistle then. When someone’s coming, or a car, I’ll ding and you clap or whistle. Actually, don’t clap – you’ll just fall off. Can you whistle?

Mum: Not when I’m laughing!

Driven to distraction
April 8, 2013

driventodistractionD: Do you like spiders, mum?

Me: They’re not my favourite creature, but they’re OK, as insects go.

D: Yes, I like them because they EAT flies. And flies are annoying – they just buzz around all day, going round and round your head and making me go dizzy. Round and round and round and round. There was one just now and it DISTRACTED me!

Sounds from the wilderness
December 9, 2012

soundsfromD: On my way back from school I saw a wild cat – when I looked at it, it looked at me and Sophie and it went “hhheh!” [makes an angry cat face]

Me: And what did you do?

D: I looked at it again and it went “hhheh!” again.

Me: What do you think it was trying to say?

D: It was trying to say “I want to pull your hair out!”

Amazing sound technology
July 22, 2012

D: Mum, how do words come out, just by opening your mouth?
Me: Well… air comes up from your lungs and goes through a voice box which changes the air into a noise. That noise goes up your throat into your mouth, and you can change the shape of your mouth to make different sounds.
D: But how do you get words?
Me: The different sounds together make up words.
D: Oh… Mum?
Me: Yes?
D: What’s a box doing stuck in your throat?

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