Day 22: Sensing change
January 22, 2014

22nd Feb 2014: Sensing change

This is Day 22 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

Superhero by night
June 8, 2013


“I have new pyjamas.” And there’s my spiderman pyjamas.
Age 5

Book of dreams
May 23, 2013


Son: It’s about a boy who dreams about being a spaceman. That picture on the cover’s the world. That yellow picture is the boy in bed – there’s the ladders. I know – it looks flat.

Mum: Why has he got 8 arms & legs?

Son: They’re not arms and legs! They’re on the bed – under the covers. They hold the bed up, otherwise why would he need the ladders?

Mum: Ah! Of course. What’s the story then?

Son: Once upon a time there lived a boy, he lived with his mummy and daddy. I was going to do it in chapters, then then I didn’t have time. Chapter 2 is when he had his dream and Chapter 1 is just telling you what’s first.

A shining example of flexible working
September 18, 2012

D: Why is it dark already?

Me: Because autumn’s coming – the days get shorter because the sun goes to bed earlier and gets up later.

D: Oh yes – I remember.

Me: In the winter the days will be really short, and it will get dark really early.

D: So on Christmas will the sun just pop up really late and then say goodbye and go straight back to bed again?

Me: Well it’ll get up slowly and go to bed slowly and hang around for a bit in between, so there will be some daylight, but yes – there won’t be as much.

D: Do we still have to get up at 6 o’clock?

Me: Yes.


Holiday hallucinations
August 7, 2012

D: I can see a shooting star!

Me: Can you? It’s not very often you can see them!

D: I can see three – two are orange and one’s silver…

Me: I’m not sure that they can be real shooting stars then – shooting stars don’t happen very often and not many people see them.

D: Well, it’s true – I DID see three shooting stars, but two have gone now and there’s only the silver one left now. They move so fast don’t they? They’re quite hard to see…


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