Facing animated fears
June 12, 2013

“We watched Scooby-Doo.”
Age 5

That’s you and me, on the sofa, with the mat thing and the cushions [right] and that’s the telly with Scooby Doo and his friend in it [left].

Words jumping off the page
October 14, 2012

D: Do you know what I just thought about?

I was writing and suddenly I drew off the page and it broke off and it was actually real writing – even though it wasn’t on the paper. And the writing went drop, drop, drop, drop into me, and I started to get magic powers – so I flew over to Vikki’s where there were monsters.

I had awesome skills in my thought and the awesome skills were for real, I’m not telling a joke – I have those skills; I need those skills. The monsters – they’d swallowed all the children up without even chewing.

So I had my awesome skills, and I bought my gun with me from my dad’s. I got my gun with the flat bullets – they were round like money – ¬†and I went ‘pchew, pchew, pchew, pchew’. Then the monsters fell down to the ground.

How does your garden grow?
July 19, 2012

Son: I was dreaming last night.

Mum: What were you dreaming?

Son: I was in PE and I was standing on the floor and then holes came and nasty slime weeds came up and they were tickle monster weeds. This was actually a problem, because the monster weeds tried to get us and tickle us and put us in the oven for tea. Everyone was scared and frightened and stayed still, but I was brave and chopped their legs off and their bodies off and their arms off. Then came bigger weeds and I couldn’t jump over these ones, but no need to shout, because luckily I got them out and spinned them around and around and around and bashed them into the wall.

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