Party expectations
September 22, 2012

Prior to Leo’s 6th birthday party – Sept 2012

D: That’s Leo; he’s got a costume on, and that’s orange and brown face paint – he’s a lion [top right].
That’s someone who’s come dressed as a pirate, and they’re bowling [top left]. They’re the skittles [in red and blue, top, centre].
That’s a table with some food on it [beneath the pirate] – there’s some cheesy puffs [in yellow] and there’s two peppers [in red].
That’s someone who didn’t come as anything because they forgot [in blue, left of centre].
That’s two people who came dressed as Spiderman, and there’s a spider [bottom left].
That’s Leo, sat at the table, eating his food and there’s lots of food and drinks all around the table [just below centre].
That’s a table with all his presents on [bottom, right of centre] and they’re balloons [in red, right].




State of mind
September 7, 2012

Me: Why did you behave so badly this morning?

D: My brain controls me. I can’t help it!

Me: You CAN help it – change it!

D: What, my brain? Take a bit out and put another bit in?

Me: No, but you can flick a switch to think in a different way.

D: Actually, there IS a switch! Every time I roll over, it knocks the switch and my brain thinks different ways. There’s four ways:
1. Being nice
2. Being bad
3. Playing nicely with people and not rough
4. Fighting with bad people
…I’ve just put the bad one in the rubbish bin in my head. So now there’s only three ways.

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