Bottle feeding essentials
November 29, 2012

Bottle Feeding Baby – Nov 2012

D: It’s a baby cat holding its bottle.
Me: Why have you written “woof”?
D: Oh. I got something wrong – the pointy up ears, four legs and no arms. I meant to draw a baby human…

Muscley hair
October 27, 2012

Me: You haven’t eaten very much and you haven’t drank your milk – where are you going to get your strength?

D: What’s ‘strength’?

Me: [Does an impression of a strong man.] Strong – you know what strong is.

D: OK, I’ll have some milk – warm though.

Me: Good.

D: Mum, does hair have muscles?

Me: No, but you can still have strong hair. Strong means it won’t break easily.

Run, run, as fast as you can!
July 26, 2012

D: Look at my gingerbread man I made!
Me: It’s good, but it needs to go.
D: Yes, because it’s on the table and it’s made out of milk…

Dehydration: possible side effects
July 23, 2012

D: I had a giant glass of water at Vikki’s today – it was SOOO big and I drank SOOO much that there was only a little bit left in the bottom.
Me: That’s good – it’s important to drink lots of water when it’s hot.
D: AND milk – so your bones don’t all break and your body just slithers onto the floor into a big pile.

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