Robots in disguise
April 26, 2013

robotsindisguiseMum: Who’s Bumblebee?

Son: Bumblebee’s a Transformer.

Mum: Ah he must look like a bee?

Son: Yes, and he talks like this “buzz, buzz”. He turns into a car too. Because he’s a robot.

Mum: Oh yes – ‘robots in disguise’!

Son: What’s ‘disguise’?

Mum: It’s when you try and make yourself look like something else – like people might put different clothes on and wear a wig.

Son: Transformers do NOT wear wigs! How could wigs turn into cars? They’re metal!
Bulkhead is the strongest one of all, but he keeps getting killed. That’s not very strong is it?
They think he’s dead when he lies down not moving, but he’s actually not.

Mum: Maybe he’s just having a break.

Son: No the Autobots never ever have a break – not even Bulkhead.

Defensive headgear
March 17, 2013


Wormman – Mar 2013

D: There’s Wormman – he’s a bad guy. See he’s a worm? Look, he has arms and legs – that’s why he’s called Wormman. See those lines? They’re metal spikes. I didn’t get time to put them on his head. If he spikes them on metal though – like on a robot – they would kill him. So he doesn’t spike robots, because he knows.

Fighting back
March 11, 2013


Axeman – Mar 2013

D: They’re all bits of rainbow, those coloured lines. That’s Axeman up there in the corner, because he’s got a head shaped like an axe and he’s a baddie.
They’re two children who are saying: “You can’t defeat us!” Because they have those orange things, which are boxing shoes – they’re metal and they can kick right through anything – even if it’s metal. That boy’s pressing a button on his boxing shoes and they’re kicking Axeman.
They’ve also got electricity for senses and the electricity is going all around Axeman and he goes down and is never seen again!

Engineering for beginners
October 5, 2012

Robot Model – Reception 2012

D: It’s a model I made at school – not yesterday, it’s from when I was in Reception.

Look where you’re going!
September 13, 2012

Iron Man – May 2012
D: The Iron Man – with GREEN eyes before he fell off the cliff

Robot with bling
September 12, 2012

Metal and robots – May 2012

D: A metal robot in my favourite colour – gold

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