It’s all about the research
December 11, 2014

Following a survey about favourite seasonal communication design (set as homework by his school), Dylan has now adapted his initial card/flyer design, had feedback on the initial work-in-progress from the Cranfield Speakers taste testing focus group and an offer of help from his old nursery carer – thank you guys, we’re into development mode at the weekend!

Nifty negotiating
September 13, 2013

“You’re not having any more Angry Birds trainers – they fall apart too easily.” I said.
“Okay.” He said.
“What about these ones – I can practice tying my laces?” He said.
“Okay.” I said.

Dog talk
November 19, 2012

D: There was something really funny that I saw in an advert. There was this trick – it was number 21. It was something that you put on the floor and then a mummy came along and saw it and told the dog off because it was a pretend poo! How funny is that? Because the dog didn’t know what she said and he just looked at her like, “Huh?’!

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Sandwiches and trampolines
August 5, 2012

D: What does that say?
Me: The Marketer, it’s what I do at work – I’m a marketer.
D: What’s a Marketer?
Me: A marketer helps to sell things to people. In my job, I help to sell information and ideas to people.
D: What kind of ideas? Like an idea of a trampoline? Or a sandwich?

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