Identifying a stone
October 9, 2015

White stone that glitters in the sunlight – could it be white marble or dolorstone? Dylan carries out an experiment on a stone he found today….

Keeping those marbles together
August 28, 2015

Today Dylan made a bag to keep his marbles in out of an old T-Shirt (I helped a little with the name on the front). 

For a first-time attempt, I thought it deserved an 8 out of 10. Dylan agreed; he thought the drawstring was awesome but the bag could have perhaps been decorated a little more (but not today). We could have also used draw strings at either side for an easier close. 

EXTREME marble racing
July 15, 2012

Dylan’s adaptation of his marble racing game / new concept for leisure parks – EXTREME fluming!

D: And the end of the flume should be at people’s houses and the flume should enable them to get straight home all dry and dressed!

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