Turkey Day – All Change!
April 24, 2014

D: I love it when it’s a country name day! When it’s a country name day and we’re all dressed up in the colours and decorated, that means we’re swapping classes and we only learn about one thing. But then in the afternoon we stop because we run out of teachers.
Mr T goes onto Google Earth and shows us where the country is. And then we go to Mrs W and she usually has some of that country food. We have to write on the list whether we like it or not.
Then in Mrs D’s class, we usually do some of that type of country dancing – so we’ll be doing some Turkey dancing.

Me: Sounds great. Turkey dancing – is it like Chicken dancing? Like this?

D: Ha yes! A turkey on a phone, dancing! Do you know what I used to think phones were for? I used to think they were just for talking. But, now I get to use your old one, now I know there’s more than one thing you do on them!


Directions to the treasure
May 25, 2013


It’s from art. It’s where someone finds an arrow, then they find another one, and another one – and they lead them all around. Then they find different coloured arrows – they lead all around. Then they find different coloured arrows – lead them all around. Find different coloured arrows, lead them all around, and then finally, there’s the treasure!
There’s one ruby and one diamond. And all the circles are the money. And the person fills up as much as possible in their pockets as they can… And their hat – because they have a hat.

Rabbit road trip
March 13, 2013


Rabbit rescue – Mar 2013

We all had to do this – it’s when you draw something you find on your doorstep and you don’t know where to take it. I found a rabbit on my doorstep [left]. And I decided that I needed to take some pizza, a backpack and a map [centre]. And I took the rabbit to Africa [right].

A magical maze
November 17, 2012

Treasure maze – Nov 2012

D: It’s a maze and you have to try and get to the treasure, which is… There!

Which route to choose?
November 8, 2012

Wiggly Slides – Oct 2012

D: They’re all wiggly slides and that black one’s a bumpy one – it’s got bumps all the way down.

Treasure map – with significant points of interest
July 18, 2012

D: I lost you, so that’s me, on my own [in orange] and I’m looking for the treasure. There’s some red and grey fish. That’s a shark and that blue’s the sea. There’s some sunshine and there’s the X marks the spot! See – it’s a map, but with some extra details.
July 2012

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