Goal setting
March 8, 2013


My goals – Feb 2013

D: My goals are… to be a scientist. That’s you [in blue]; that’s me, with a potion. I’ve got a snack in one hand – it’s an apple – and some of the apple has got into the mixture there, in red. That’s fog, above it, and they’re drops that are coming out of the potion. If you get any of the drops on you, you get more eyes. You’ve got six eyes and I’ve got nine eyes. They’re more bottles for experiments at the bottom.

Fairy Liaison Officer
February 18, 2013

fairyliaisonD: Mum. Did you know – you can’t be a fairy.

Me: Why can’t I?

D: Because you’re too big – you have to be smaller than me to be a fairy.

Me: Oh – that’s a shame. I wanted to be a fairy.

D: Well, you might be able to be one – you need to talk to Auntie Vicky. She knows them. She told me the stories from when she was a little kid:
One day, Auntie Vicky didn’t know where the gravestone was – with her friend – every single day, so she wrote a letter to the fairies and the dog took the letter to the fairies and the fairies got the lawn mower out and mowed the grass and so Auntie Vicky and her friend followed the path and went straight to the grave – it was a really small grave. And you know how grass takes an extraORDINARILY long time to grow?

Me: Yes.

D: Well, the next day, it had all grown back – straight away!
Also, when she was little, she really wanted her toys to come to life, so she drawed hearts, coloured them in, and cut them out and put them in her toys. And in the middle of the night, when she was still a kid, she woke up, creeped down the stairs without her mother noticing, and all the toys had come to life, they could speak, they could move about – and she realized, it must have been the fairies that did this!
So, that’s why you have to ask Auntie Vicky about being a fairy.
So mum, one day, can I put paper hearts in all my toys?

That’s magic!
January 5, 2013

thatsmagicMe: So how did your magic show go at Vikki’s today?

D: Fantastical!
I got ready – they all sat down and went “Eeeee!” I did go all shy.
Then I said, “I need an audience for this one.” And I chose Amy.

Me: What did you get Amy to do?

D: She helped me undo the knot in the ribbon so I could do the trick where you do pick up the ribbon with both your hands and do a knot in it and not let go.

Me: How did the magic box trick go?

D: Good – All the children were tapping the wand on the box and when they opened it the ribbons were still there!

Me: So they didn’t know how you’d done it then?

D: No, they didn’t see me move the end of the box!

Me: That’s good they didn’t see – that’s the trick.

D: Yes, if the button was on the side and BIGGER, then they would see me do it. And if they say, “Why were you putting your hand behind the box?” I can say, “Just because I wanted to!”

A magic talking stone
August 29, 2012

Leaving present for Miss Stokes, Mar 2012

How to have the last word with your teacher who’s leaving and whose last set of ‘challenges’ included: “Remember to take turns when talking and listen to others” – make her a leaving present and call it “a magic talking stone”!

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