October 22, 2012

D: We’ve got some homework to do – there’s a letter in my book bag.

Me: What’s the homework?

D: It’s literacy and maths. I don’t know what we have to do. Can you read the letter to me?

Me: You’re right – for literacy you’ve got to try and “write a simple sentence and join with ‘and’ or ‘but'” and for maths you’ve got to try and “know all the pairs of numbers that make 20 and the matching subtractions.”

D: Yes, like 5 and 5 and 5 and 5.

Me: That’s right – or 10 and…?

D: 10. Yeah – it’s homework. Does that mean I get the day off school?

Bossy verbs
October 21, 2012

D: Do you know what a bossy verb is?

Me: Is it a doing word?

D: Yes – it tells you what to do.

Me: Tell me a bossy verb, then.

D: No.

Me: Was that a bossy verb – when I said ‘tell’ me?

D: Yes.

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