Bouncing battles
July 17, 2013

bouncingbattlesBoy: Let’s play trampoline battles where we have to try and make each other fall over without pushing! Round 1 is: You’re only allowed to bounce around in a circle. On Round 2 you can do bouncing and knee drops. On Round 3 you have to show ALL your best moves – seat drops, pike jumps, tuck jumps – anything you want! Ready?

Half the story
September 14, 2012

D: I’ve got something that’s SOOOOOO exciting!

Me: Go on.

D: You know my reading books? Well I’ve moved up – I’m on number 4 now, and they’re BLUE! I’m not on the yellow ones any more.

Me: Well done! Were you happy to move up?

D: Yes – I was SOOOOO excited! I only read half the book to my teacher – I didn’t even finish it – and she said I could go to number 4, so I RAN to get a number 4 book and I put it in my book bag STRAIGHT away!

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