Kings, Queens & Great British Stories
June 7, 2015

 D: Did you know, we’re going to have a king next? Why do we even need a king and a queen?

Me: Some people like the fact that our country has a king or a queen – it gives us a rich history of true stories.

D: But they’re just normal humans like us, so why should they be a king and queen? Why should they be rulers?

Me: In our country, the monarchy passes the power to the government so that rules are more fair and it’s not just down to the king or queen.

D: And what does Mr Government do?

Me: The government is made up of lots of politicians.

D: I know. But what do they do?

Me: Well, it depends on who has been voted in by the people, but basically they argue with each other lots to decide on what’s best for the country and make lots of rules.

D: But why do we need them to make rules? Why can’t we just do what we want?

Me: Ah, you’re talking about anarchy! If you could do what you wanted what would you do?

D: I’d have a story CD every night until I didn’t want them any more. 

Me: It’s not the government who says you can’t have a story CD every night – it’s me, as your parent.

D: Well I don’t think you should make rules either. I like story CDs! Can I have one tonight?

Remember remember
November 5, 2012

D: I know a way to remember that Guy Fawkes tried to kill the king. He put gunpowder in some wheelbarrows and, when the king wasn’t looking, he put them at the bottom of the House of Prey. People found them and he got sent away to jail. It was a long time ago – 400 years! He wanted the gunpowder to explode out of the barrels – not wheelbarrows – and kill the king. But he didn’t get away with it – he had to go to prison! It goes like this:

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I don’t know why… how does the rest of it go?

Me: I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

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