Portrait of Mia
August 26, 2012

Birthday card for Mia at kids club, Hotel Anastasia, August 2012

D: That’s her hair – in green – and that’s her really colourful dress. And it’s got bows all over it.

Holiday essentials
July 28, 2012

D: What’s a travel kettle?
Me: It’s a little mini-kettle so I can make a cup of tea when we’re on holiday in the hotel.
D: But they might already have a machine for making a cup of tea.
Me: They do have kettles, but you have to pay lots of money to borrow them. I want to take a little one with us so I don’t run out of money for other things.
D: Like ice cream?
Me: Yes, ice cream and kids club – it would be a disaster if I had no money left for you to go to kids club!
D: I LOVED kids club in France! We have to MAKE SURE we get a travel kettle.

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